More & more goods and services are being acquired through the Internet.
If you have a product or service which may be purchased over the Internet then
"E-Commerce" could be for you!

A number of options are available to you in the form of an "off the shelf" shopping package such as ShopFactory or a custom designed script & shopping facility. The costs vary enormously depending upon how many product lines you intend to sell ranging from about £1000 to many £ thousands. BCWebdesign is a registered Developer for ShopFactory.
Whatever you need can be discussed at an initial meeting without committment to give us an idea of your e-commerce requirements. We may then be able to come up with a range of options for you to consider.
There are available to BCWebdesign some very good value e-commerce hosting package systems including shopping cart & secure credit card facilities at a very competitive rate.

lion As the scope of e-commerce requirements are so variable we are only able to quote figures after discussion with clients and it is essential that a realistic budget is set, cheap is not an option for e-commerce!

We will be pleased to demonstrate some of the options readily available "off the shelf". Why not take a look at two of our e-commerce site:
www.redclifferegalia.com & www.sonofthewidow.com