Search Engines are a complete subject on their own and books have been written on them and how to submit your site to them.

Many companies offer so say "Top Position" 'guaranteed' for a fee!
Does this mean they can offer everbody in the same business "Top Position"? How many times over can you sell the same block of gold?
It would seem natural for everyone to want the "Top Slot" but this is not always realistic. Funnily enough we did achieve "Top Slot" for one of our clients on Yahoo but that is not a search engine but a directory which is structured by humans and not robots!

There is now a "Pay for Placing" and "Sponsored Position" situation in the search engine world. You may or may not wish to consider this option.
Most true search engines use "robots" called "spiders" to trawl through websites submitted to them and rate their position in their respective categories.
It can take up to six months to obtain a search engine placement or listing of your site, so patience is required.
We believe that you should allow a year for your website to become established and to build both placement and "hits" or visits.
We provide a service of advising and structuring certain areas of your Homepage and including a choice of appropriate "keywords" to describe your site content.
After optimising your site for search engine submission we will submit your website to the Open Directory Project, which is used by the major search engines to source their content.

You may thereafter decide to use commercial search engine submission & placement companies to maintain an ongoing search engine service for your site.

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